Tips for Choosing a Braces Toothbrush

You who use braces certainly need to know how to care in particular, including by using the best toothbrush for braces as a tool to clean it. Dare to install braces, which means dare to take care of him. Do not know or not forget to treat it, so that various side effects, especially making dirt on the teeth and between the wire accumulate and make infections in the mouth. Treatment by means and tools usually will also be notified directly by the dentist who handles the braces installation. Therefore, if the dentist forgets or doesn’t explain it, then you should actively ask it directly.

The first thing that will usually be explained in the problem of dental tooth care is the selection of braces toothbrushes. Some braces mounting spots are available directly in place to make it easier for you to get them. However, there are some who only provide brand recommendations and where to buy it. Like it or not, you certainly have to buy it somewhere else. In addition to braces toothbrushes, toothpaste for special toothed teeth. Just like the brush earlier, some have been provided at the installation site and some are just recommendations. Tooth brushing on braces users is no different from brushing teeth normally, but it must be ensured routine especially after eating.

Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, in the morning after breakfast and at night before bed. First, brush your teeth without using toothpaste. This method is done to clean the remaining food that is stuck or left in between braces. Afterward, you can brush your teeth by adding the toothpaste. Continue to use mouthwash to clean the mouth thoroughly. The choice of brand or type of mouthwash must also remain in accordance with the dentist’s recommendations.



Compare Pros and Cons Logre


  • looks cool sitting in a bathroom
  • Very good quality
  • nice travel case


  • The noise from brushing is very jarring (noisy)
  • Sound of motor so loud

In addition to brushing teeth, using dental floss is also one of the ways to eliminate food scraps on the braces. How to treat this also must be done routinely. However, do it carefully. So that dental health is maintained as well as braces hygiene and comfort of use, avoid eating food directly, large. We recommend that you cut first, small so that food is not bitten directly using teeth. Also avoid foods with a soft or hard texture, including gum that can be attached to the braces because if you chew over time it will get stickier. Finally, make sure you do regular checks. This examination is also better done to the same dentist when doing the installation.

Hold the brush equivalent to the side of the tooth. Press gently and guide the brush head to brush teeth for teeth, following the grooves of the teeth and gums. Hold the toothbrush to brush on each tooth for a few seconds before switching to another tooth. Using an electric toothbrush will make it easier to brush your teeth because you don’t need to press the brush too hard or wipe it. Do not skip the inner teeth, the upper part, and behind the mouth.

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