Dog Owners Must Know More Info About Dog Leashes

There are several things that dog owners need to know about dog leashes. Dog leash models and shapes for dogs can vary according to the design of a particular animal race. Before buying and using a leather dog leash or other types of leashes, the following tips need to be considered for your pet’s health and comfort, such as:

1. Material used

Dog leash for dogs that are sold in online stores as animal accessories are generally designed with materials that are good enough. For some dog owners who do not understand, they often carelessly use random items that can be used as leashes at their homes, such as iron chains. The use of dog leashes that are not suitable for animals has the risk of irritating the dog’s skin, and it might also strangle the dog.

Dog leashes have mostly used strong plastic materials, leather, cloth to other materials that are safe for these animals.

2. Adjust the size correctly

Don’t choose a type of leash for your dogs recklessly. Besides being able to choke animals and cause the difficulty of breathing, if you force your dogs to use such leashes, they can feel traumatized too.

When a dog moves often while it’s being restricted by a leash that is too tight, it tends to cause injury and irritation in the neck and surrounding area.

If the dog is in a special place like in the yard, you should take the dog leash off so it feels comfortable and it’s not traumatized when walking with the dog leash.


Compare Pros and Cons


  • The natural leather of good quality
  • quality stitch
  • premium pack with a jute bag
  • Clasp is strong and easy to use


  • Chemical smell
  • Leather stretches

Dog Leash Types for Dogs

Dog leash for dogs is intended so that you and your animal can walk together in certain areas but do not disturb other communities.

There are two types of popular dog leashes, but they might look like the same thing in the eye of new dog owners. However, the two types of dog leashes such as harnesses or collars, apparently have different functions.

Harness dog leashes are generally pinned to the neck region and they reach other parts at the same time, such as the back. Harness dog leashes at a glance, they look like vests for dogs.

Collar dog leashes tend to be like a necklace that is relatively practical when they are being used. Types of collars are generally necklaces that have been attached to the neck, when a leash is added, the owner only attaches the leash to the collar.

Excellence harness dog leashes

Some of the advantages given by harness dog leashes when they’re used for dogs, the use of this method tends to be better for dogs as training.

Some dog breeds with short posture and pug-nose, the harness is more suitable to share the burden of the dog leash evenly when pinned to the neck and back.

Another thing from the benefits of harnesses leashes for dogs, the pressure of the leash when you hold the leash is not too large compared to the collar dog leash.

Excellence collar dog leash

For the use of a dog collar, the advantage lies in the comfort factor because the dog feels its body is not wrapped in a vest.

Of the several types of dog leash, it needs to be adapted to the dog’s breed and a veterinarian’s advice to choose the most suitable leash for your pet.

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