Choose Only the Best Dog Bed

It’s hard to see your dog getting older; However, you can still keep them comfortable and happy in their golden years. Choosing the right senior dog bed can greatly increase their rest hours. Start your search online and at pet stores by comparing costs and reviews. Focus on orthopedic and foam beds to get the best possible bed for the price. If you have already purchased the best dog beds, feel free to adapt it to your dog’s unique needs.

Most dogs are classified as old when they are between 5 and 10 years of age. Size is a determining factor in how quickly a dog ages. You can apply the measurement of seven dog years to one human year on small or medium dogs (between 20-40 pounds), but large ones tend to age more quickly. It’s best to consult your vet for guidance. You can also look for physical signs of aging such as slow motion. This will help you determine if a “young” dog needs senior care. The label “geriatric” differs from senior and refers to older animals with real health problems.

Pay attention to your dog’s size and weight. Also pay attention to the bed weight limit, as overly large dogs (over 150 lbs; 68 kg.) May require special purchases. Also, buy a bed of the appropriate height, if raised. After all, very small dogs may have a lot of difficulties getting into high beds. This can be especially dangerous with senior dogs who may be more prone to fall injuries.

Compare dog bed prices. You usually get what you pay for with a dog bed, so you can spend under $ 10 on a floor cushion model to over $ 500 on a luxurious memory foam lifting style. It’s a good idea to compare online stores once you have an idea of what style you like. Look for special offers and members at pet stores. If you end up buying a cheaper model, you may want to add a few blankets underneath to make it gentler for your dog. Be careful when arranging the bed to prevent your dog from slipping.

See reviews. Find reviews online by searching “senior dog beds” and “reviews”. Many sites will feature ratings, price points, product photos, and pros/cons lists. Taking your budget and size parameters into account, sort this information to further narrow down your choice of bedding. Pay particular attention to any reviews that describe cleaning or quality issues. With senior pets, the bed should be able to withstand a little abuse without falling apart.

Get a warranty. This is especially the case with more expensive beds. Memory foam beds, for example, often come with guarantees and guarantees against leveling or lumping. Some companies have more eye-catching-sounding warranties that still apply.

There is a pod bed for small dogs. Bed pillows that resemble bean bags. The beds were actually flat mattresses. A fold-out bed that folds for quick transport. Whenever you see orthopedics on a bed description, look again.

Take your dog to test their new bed before making a purchase. You want to make sure he has enough room to stretch their legs. If you buy dog beds online, be sure to read the reviews.
Test the zipper around the bed cover to see how easy it is to remove and replace it. Also, ask about replacement covers and the availability of covers on more durable fabrics.

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